Zalika Adams

Women's Conference Speaker

Wellborn Creations is owned and operated by Zalika Adams. Zalika has always had a passion for creating from scratch. One of her earliest memories of creating is gifting a custom ‘congratulations’ card to her mother graduated from nursing school, she was 10 years old. After receiving the card her mother challenged her to make most of her cards by hand. When she graduated from high school, every thank you card was created by hand.

Penmanship has always been important to Zalika. She recalls being excited to learn cursive in the second grade. This passion lead to the first prong of her business: custom writing pens. These pens are made of premium grade metal and made with high end beads. The pens have always and will always be made in the likeness of the recipient. Are you sports fan? Perhaps, you want to represent your school colors, sorority or fraternity. Whatever your desires, Zalika will do her best to make your vision come to light.

The second prong of Wellborn Creations is: Diaper Gifts. In 2020, there were 3.7 million babies born. Despite a worldwide pandemic, this didn’t stop civilization doing from doing what is does best – procreating. In 2014, Zalika was invited to a work baby shower. Instead of gifting the normal diapers or bibs, she researched unique diapers gifts and created a ‘diaper motorcycle’ complete with a monkey, as the rider. It was a hit and the rest is history. Since starting diaper gifts Zalika has created diaper motorcycle, two and three-tier cakes, diaper wreaths, diaper bassinets and diaper carriages. Want to stand out at your next baby shower? Gift a Wellborn Creations diaper gift.

The final prong of Wellborn Creations is: Wreaths. During the holiday season it is always nice to decorate your door or home with a wreath. Custom wreath making is one of Zalika’s favorite crafts.
Christmas 2020 she wanted a wreath for her door and she created a champagne pink and leopard wreath. This created an excitement to create for others. Before you think of purchasing a mass produced wreath, think of Wellborn Creations. Just like you, there will be only one – made just for you.

Whether for you or presenting as a gift, it would be a pleasure for Zalika to take your dreams to the moon and back. Please visit us on Etsy, Facebook and Instagram. When it is time to give a gift – think of Wellborn Creations: “Unique Gifts for the Unique Person”.